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P1-25/I2/SVB/N 3 pole + Netral 25 Amp
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Jual P1-25/I2/SVB/N 3 pole + Netral 25 Amp

Spesifikasi P1-25/I2/SVB/N 3 pole + Netral 25 Amp

Disconnecting Switch

Info: Wa: +628974906988

Switch Disconnector Box

Product range: Main switch, maintenance switch, Repair switch

Part group reference: P1

Stop Function: Emergency switching off function, With red rotary handle and yellow locking ring

Information about equipment supplied: Auxiliary contact or neutral conductor fitted by user.

Number of poles: 3 pole + Netral

Auxiliary contacts: 0 N/O 0 N/C

Locking facility: Lockable in the 0 (Off) position

Degree of Protection: IP65

Curent Ratting : 25 Amp

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