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Zvar Kapasitor Bank 50kvar 400/415V 3 Phase
Zvar Kapasitor Bank 50kvar 400/415V 3 Phase
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Jual Zvar Kapasitor Bank 50kvar 400/415V 3 Phase

Spesifikasi Zvar Kapasitor Bank 50kvar 400/415V 3 Phase

Kapasitor Bank

Technical Specifications

Characteristics elementsZvar® modular capacitor
EnclosureNon-flamable and auto-extinguishing Poliamide in V0 flamability class
Need to be groundedNo - double insulation - class 2
Dielectric / WindingPolipropylen film, Alu-zinc metallized
ImpregnantTotally dry, cast resin technology
Overpressure operating
(anti-explosion system)
By operation of an overpressure device inside the enclosure
(flexible membrane, that disconnects normalized fuse link))
Capacitor and enviroment
No risk because:
  • totally dry
  • external deformation does not appear
  • enclosure and resin are auto-extinguishing in V0 class
Ambient temperature class-40 do +55°C
Permitted casing temperature90°C
Average temperature on 24h45°C
Watt losses (in heat)<0,3W / kvar (internal resistor included)
Maximum admissible voltage
- according to standard IEC 60831-1 i 2
Ucn + 20% 24h/24h
Ucn + 25% 18h/24h
Ucn + 30% 12h/24h
Example Ucn = 440V + 20% = 528V 24h/24h - Permanent
Maximum admissible current1.5 ln
Tested with voltage
(terminal to terminal)
2,15 Un AC 10sec.
TTested with voltage
(terminal to enclosure)
6kV AC 1min
15kV AC 1,2/50μ sec.
Statistical life expectancy>130 000h
Mounting positionAny position, because dry resin impregnan

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