Zenex Power Factor Control

Technical data Zvar Power Factor CapacitorConnectionPlacing mounting grips on top and on bottom part of the capacitor gives easy, and good conditions of capacitor montage and connection.Designed system of terminals in form of copper busbars ended by 8mm metric hexagonal screws, with 39mm spacing gives stable and comfortable connection, even of most thick supply cables.Zvar®capacitors are having double insulation class, thanks to it capacitor grounding is not needed.Designed system in each single-phase module, of internal terminals, in form of square 6mm nuts gives fast and stable connections between single modules to build complete capacitor set with external terminal connections.Capacitors are having few possibilities of terminals layout: 2-poles for single phase capacitor, 3-poles for star, or delta 3-phase capacitor, and 6-poles for 3-phase capacitor with open delta-loop connection, that gives possibility of any individual connectionInstallationModular design (even in case of biggest power units) makes it easy for installation, and at the same time makes it in smallest possible dimension.Enclosure from plastic material is resistant to all solvents and atmospheric agents (rain, sun, salty air, etc.).TheZvar®capacitor is perfect for installations in corrosive atmospheres. It can be used outdoor (on special request) with special terminals cover.Voltage dischargeMade according to norm IEC/EN 60831-1 chapter 22Resistor bullit-in capacitor modular enclosure ensure discharge to voltage less than 75V in time shorter than 3 minutes from network disconnection.In case of discharge time less than 1 minute needed additional resistors 100kΩ/5W can be installed, or dedicated reactorsZenDISCHARGE, that ensure discharging time less than 5 seconds.Losses factorTheZvar®capacitors have loss factor less than (0,1÷0,3)×10-3 this value depends form capacitor total power, but this leads to a total wattage consumption of less than 0.3W/kvar including the discharge resistors.CapacitanceCapacity tolerance in accordance with IEC60831-1 standard is ± 5% of rated capacity. The use of modern technology allows to maintain a standard tolerance of ± 1%.Effect of temperature on the change in capacitance is negligible.It is assumed that in the range 20 to 50 °C the capacity remains constant. Technology ensures that, during the life of aZvar®capacitor capacity decrease is negligible.StandardsTheZvar®comply with folowing standards:European norm: EN 60831-1 & 2International norm: IEC 60831-1 & 2TheZvar®capacitor characteristics summaryDouble insulation class - no need of grounding, because no metallic enclosure elements.Totally dry - no risk of impregnant leackage, or fire.Any mounting position.Enclosure - auto-extinguishing Polyamide in V0 class, reinforced by fibreglass. Durable compact design, resistant on corrosion, with possibility of outdoor installation.Modular design - connections between internal elements of capacitors are flooded by resin (no risk of corrosion, overheating, or loose parts)Winding that is covered by resin, gives reliability that air, or humidity will not have access to capacitor winding layer. This feature secure high quality and stability of parameters.Internal electrical, and pressure protections for each single-phase module:self-healing metalized polypropylene filmnormalized fuse link, with minimum short circuit withstand I1=80kAoverpressure membrane with rapid fuse link dissconnection mechanismunique possibility of broken capacitor module regeneration 
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